Who We Are:

The Uni­ver­sal Street Acad­emy is a 501c3 organization ded­i­cated to pos­i­tive change in our com­mu­nity so that it inspires the hearts and minds of our youth to achieve what was pre­vi­ously thought unachievable. We work to encour­age our neigh­bors and com­mu­nity mem­bers totake pos­i­tive action. We build to inspire those who have thought or walked along a destruc­tive path and to present an alter­na­tive to them. We build to invig­o­rate our elders and give them a sense of safety and secu­rity they have long missed. Located at 3306 Ger­man­town Avenue, in the heart of North Philadel­phia, the Uni­ver­sal Street Acad­emy has set up home with a vision of com­mu­nity resurrection.

Our goal is to be a shin­ing bea­con of light in the face of dim and trou­bled times. The ded­i­cated men, women, and chil­dren of the Uni­ver­sal Street Acad­emy are pre­pared to return our com­mu­nity to where it once was. Youth and Adult Edu­ca­tion pro­grams, Art pro­grams, Com­mu­nity ser­vice, Health & Dietary pro­grams, Refer­ral ser­vices, Coun­sel­ing ser­vices, and Social events are among the many ways the Uni­ver­sal Street Acad­emy intends to make a dif­fer­ence in our beloved city of Philadelphia.

We have made much sac­ri­fice thus far, yet, much more will be required. This is why, with great humil­ity and opti­mism, we ask you to assist us in inspir­ing the world, one com­mu­nity at a time, by mak­ing a weekly or monthly pledge or one time dona­tion. The Uni­ver­sal Street Acad­emy has cre­ated an account, which allows you to con­tribute accord­ing to your own finan­cial means to the cause. Regard­less if you reside a block away from our loca­tion or 3000 miles away, all peo­ple are our peo­ple. The world is one com­mu­nity and if we don’t awaken the great­ness in the peo­ple of the world, then who will? There is no mys­tery; we are the change we seek. What­ever, you can com­mit, regard­less of how large or small is sin­cerely appre­ci­ated. If for any reason you cannot contribute today, please share our cause with others.


The Men, Women, and Children of The Universal Street Academy